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Chingola, Zambia

Chingola is not the same and the HOPE album is finished!

Chingola, Zambia
Chingola, Zambia
Chingola, Zambia
Chingola, Zambia
Chingola, Zambia
Chingola, Zambia
Chingola, Zambia
Chingola, Zambia
Chingola, Zambia
Chingola, Zambia
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Dear Friends,

I have been home for some days now after another fabulous journey and Gospel crusade with Pastor Tommy Lilja and TLM Ministries. This time we entered the city of Chingola in Zambia on the border to Congo. The crusade started with an explosion and it kept exploding night after night. Personally I have never ever experienced anything like this. I thought I had seen an outpouring of the Holy Spirit before but this was something totally different.

For four nights the crowd were growing and Saturday night something supernaturally miraculous happened. The presence of Jesus was so strong that immediately when Pastor Tommy started to pray before he had planned to preach things started to happen. People were delivered from evil spirits and demons, people were healed and Jesus was just doing what He wanted to do. He took over. Pastor Tommy got a word of knowledge and it was time to enter into the enemies territory and take back what he had stolen from these precious people. Around 50000 people proclaimed the city of Chingola in Jesus hands and I can just say that I was speechless.

Sunday night there were so many people that the crusade field was packed and even the football field on the other side of the street was packed. There were people in all directions and they all received the good news about Jesus Christ. During these days we witnessed thousands of people who received Jesus Christ. Multitudes where delivered from evil spirits, spells, curses and witchcraft and so many got healed that I can not list them all. I am just giving one example. A woman with a cancer tumor on her stomach got healed and she described it as the tumor was melting away.

TLM ministries worked with most of the churches in the town and this is something I would love to see in the western world. The churches working together as one church, the body of Christ. Even if the crusade is over and we have left the work continues as the churches are following up the people who have received Christ into their lives and those who have been set free. Everybody needs a spiritual home and now the people are welcomed to some of the many churches in the city. We have already received testimonies from people that Chingola is no longer the same. TLM Ministries will visit Chingola in one year again and I pray and hope I get the opportunity to go back and see what God has done during this one year. Thank you Jesus, Pastor Tommy and TLM Ministries for another journey. It was a pleasure and my faith has grown again.


Meanwhile in Finland, Jan Hyöty have been working on the HOPE album that we have been working on since 2014. In May this year when Jan Hyöty took over things started to happen and the record became what God wanted it to become; the best record so far. Last Friday we recorded the keyboards as Mikko Rintanen came from Helsinki to give his effort into this project and now the record is mastered and it is on its way to the printers. Finally, after so many up and downs on the road this album is ready and I am proud of it. It sure is the best album so far and it is a privilege to have people as Dave Hlubek (Molly Hatchet), John Coghlan (Status Quo), Pete Rees (Gary More), Jukka Tolonen, Glenn Kaiser, Skip Frye, Mark Mason and Ed Maina as special guests. And so thankful for ALL musicians who have been part of it. This is something we did together and it was all orchestrated by God as He knew what needed to happen so this could be the album it became. The first copies will be on sale during our tour in Sweden starting August 3rd.


We are heading to Sweden and are going to be there all August. Check the calendar for all information where we are going to be and make sure you order your copy of the album. It will soon be available on iTunes and Spotify as well. Order your copy from Guideline Records.

I am really blessed now. The enemy is roaring like a lion and people are bearing false witness against me but I can’t do anything else than say ”Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing!”.

See you on the roads!
God Bless You All!

Listen to ALL the song samples from the album on the video!

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