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17 days in Germany

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Dear Friends,
Right now I am sitting in my hotel room at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, together with my son, Sebastian. It is 17 days since we left home and we have been busy but we have also had a chance to recover and gain strength between the meetings as the people we have served with have taken such good care of us.

We had our first meeting at a small church in Pankow-Berlin, Sunday September 21st. We arrived the day before. It was a good meeting and it felt "special" to be in Berlin. We got to see where the Berlin wall was and it is actually not that long ago since it was taken down and east and west Germany became one country. You can still see the difference between east and west and for the first ten days we were in the former east Germany (DDR).

Since I visited east Germany for the first time and spent some time with some children in Dresden, God really put this part of Germany on my heart, so the ten days serving Jesus here has been such a great privilege and honor.

For most of the time we were located in a small town, Klingenthal, right at the border to the Czech Republik. The people there took such great care of us and we felt like it became our "German home". The love in these people were so precious that I know it was the love of them that really ministered to my heart and it made our stay there a really peaceful and joyful time.

For one night and one day our Brother Michael Beyerlein had had faith to set up a huge tent in the city of Chemnitz and even if the tent was not packed to the max it was a big success as we saw people receive Jesus Christ. How much is a soul worth? One soul is so precious for Jesus so He leaves the 99 saved ones to go and get that one lost one. I have said it before and I say it again: Imagine if ALL christians around the world would lead one soul to the cross! That would make this world a different place!

We ran into some financial problems along they way since things back home in Finland were not in order and people who I used to work with did all they could to be stubborn. Thats why we could not get our rental car and people had to put in their time and effort and drive us around. We did a photo shoot in Dresden for the new album and for new promotional pictures and we also had a meeting at a meeting point in Neustadt, downtown Dresden. The café is run by the ministry Stoffwechsel and they do an awesome work. People in need and people who are hurt are coming there, it is like a living room. Most of them in the age between 18 and 25. It felt great to tell them my story and sing my songs and what happened afterwards was just so awesome, all the glory goes to God. Peoples lives were changed.

We did also minister among bikers this tour and we did work with CMS in Saxonia as well as we visited Ride on in Nurnberg and Kingz MC in Grafenwöhr. Yesterday we had our last meeting at FeG church in Offenbach and it was a good ending of the tour. Now we are on our way home. It has been some happening days and you can check out our video blog, day by day here.

I would like to thank all my brothers and sisters in Germany who made this trip possible as well as my church at home for all prayers and support. Thank you Markus, Michael and my family in Klingenthal for such wonderful days.


When I get home I will be home for three weeks before it is time for Mission America 2014. This year I will stay over there for six weeks and God has opened doors to minister at places I never could have imagined to minister at. We are going to be amongst bikers, homeless and other people that need Jesus and that is why I chose to call it "Mission America" as America today is such a big mission field. We are doing our best to do everything out of our own pocket and so far we have raised 10 USD and our goal is 5000 USD, so keep us in your prayers. More information about Mission America and how to support that here.


As I wrote earlier I am not working for Frank Mangs Center anymore and therefore any kind of donations should not be paid to the old donation account at Frank Mangs Center. For now donations can be done through the information on the right side navigation bar as well as clicking the PayPal button on this page. We are currently working on setting up a new way to be part of our ministry but everything takes time and it is hard to work with all kinds of things while you are on the road.

As I believe Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever I also believe He still is praying for us to be one. I do not care about church names I want to be one of Jesus prayer answers to be one body as there is only one Christ. Therefore this is something I consider we do together so when YOU are praying for us or supporting us YOU are with us on the mission fields reaching people for Jesus. It is all about working together, teamwork as they say but I chose to call it Kingdom work as we serve the most high, the King of Kings; Jesus Christ.

God Bless you all!


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