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Power Meet, Västerås 2015

Wonderful Africa & Big Power Meet

Ndola, Zambia
Ndola, Zambia
Ndola, Zambia
Ndola, Zambia
Ndola, Zambia
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Pingst, Västerås
Power Meet, Västerås 2015
Our 1973 Buick Century
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Dear Friends,

Last time I wrote I was sitting at the Stockholm, Arlanda airport on my way to Ndola, Zambia together with Pastor Tommy Lilja. The trip there went smooth, even if it was a long journey. I arrived on the first crusade day and had time to check in at our hotel before the first night at the crusade. The first night was something special, something I have experienced at the end of the crusades. So many people and the atmosphere was something else. The crusade started with an explosion and immediately the first night thousands of people gave their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ. Many were healed and delivered.

During the days we saw so many miracles that I can not start to count them all. We saw blind people see, deaf people hear and people standing up from their wheelchairs, starting to walk. Every night thousands of people came to the front and repented and gave their lives to the Lord and this followed with deliverance. You might think that evil spirits and demons are nonsense, but I tell you it is a reality that we live in, even in our western world. So many of the people in Africa go to witch doctors and witches and that will never bring anything good into their lives. For example one young girl was possessed and seven men could not hold her down. She came up on the stage and said ”help me” to Pastor Tommy and the demons started to manifest and she spat him in his face. She was one of the many people who got delivered during this crusade.

We had some wonderful but hectic days in Ndola, Zambia and again I got to witness the power of God in an amazing way with my own eyes. This was absolutely the most powerful crusade I attended so far and I am already looking forward to return to Zambia in September this year.

Big Power Meet 2015

From Ndola we flew to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where we had a four hour layover before we got on the plane to Stockholm. We arrived in Stockholm, Sweden early in the morning Tuesday, June 29th and my son Sebastian was at the airport picking me up. From there we drove to Västerås where we started the preparations for our event ”Fire Meet” during the worlds largest American Car Rally, Big Power Meet.

We were located at the local Pentecostal church. Together with the church we had a stage just right by the main cruising strip where thousands of cars were driving in both directions. The perfect place for an event like this.

On Friday and Saturday night we played some rock and roll with a bold message. Together with me on stage were; Jukka Mäkikangas - drums, Per Karlsson - bass & vocals and Zet Tonmyr - keyboards. People stopped by and listened and on the other side of the road we had a small hill where people were sitting watching the cars and listening to the music and the message. At a place like this we need to be wise. We can not stand there on a box and preach about brimstones and hell. We mixed a few secular cover songs with our ordinary christian set of songs and it became a perfect combination. People listened and they received the message that Jesus loves them. Thousands of people got to witness a rock band who had fun on stage, playing loud rock and roll, being born again Christians. We had our colorful back drop with the Ambassadors For Jesus Christ Hot Rod & Racing Team logo on where nobody could misunderstand why we were there. We were there as Ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

On Saturday night before the first set we had a short memorial sermon for our brother and friend AFJC Hot Rod & Racing Team founder Ove ”Tommy Tiger” Björk. It felt like he was with us and again I realized how much I miss him. We played his song ”Tommy Tiger” and we had the privilege to have his 1970 Plymouth Superbird next to the stage during these days. I know that we planted seeds and I am excited about hearing testimonies from people in the future who received something from the Lord. It starts with one single thought.

On Sunday morning we got up early and attended the Sunday service at the church and it was a wonderful morning. We did some songs and I shared what was on my heart and an American missionary who had been in Sweden preached a wonderful message about grace. A perfect way to end the hectic days during Power Meet.

A road trip to Lidköping

On Monday, me and Sebastian packed our stuff and drove to the town Lidköping by the lake Vänern. On Tuesday night we had a meeting there at an outdoor café by the lake hosted by all the local churches. We had a wonderful meeting and there were many who did not believe yet. We carry and deliver a message of love, hope and faith and as it is a true story about what Jesus has done in this time, people are listening and they receive the message.

Yesterday we drove to Stockholm, Sweden where we slept at an outskirt hotel. We got up early this morning, Thursday, July 9th and right now we are on the Baltic sea on our way from Stockholm, Sweden to Turku, Finland and we are on our way home. I will be at home for some weeks now but there are some events coming up in my own stomping grounds. We are returning to Sweden later this month, for the LP camp at Gullbranna and some other meetings in the southern part of Sweden.

New CD & DVD

We are still working on the new CD and I can already tell you that this is going to be great. I have listened to how some of the work mixes are coming out and it will be a rockin’ album with a message. As you might know we also have some of my old friends featured on the album together with some other great musicians such as: Dave Hlubek (Molly Hatchet), John Coghlan (Status Quo), Pete Rees (Gary Moore), Jukka Tolonen and Ed Maina to name a few and more are coming. Our goal is to have the album out for the US tour in November and this is something we hope that WE can do TOGETHER with YOU! Check out more here.

A new DVD with material from German ERF TV is also being produced and we are currently working with Finnish and Swedish subtitles. It will be a tool to reach souls and also here YOU can be part of the work. Check out more here.

Now I am waiting to get home and spend some time with my family as well as work on our house. I want to wish you all a very much blessed rest of the summer and remember to keep us in your prayers. We need all prayers we can get when we go out doing what Jesus called us to do. TOGETHER we can plunder hell and populate heaven, one soul at a time.

Love You All!


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