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Taking the church to the people

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Dear Friends,

We have been home now since April 2nd and we have both had time to rest as well as work with the cars for this upcoming summer. The John 316 Buick arrived and we picked it up a few weeks ago in Helsinki. We have been working with that so that it can be a tool to reach souls with at the roads and during the summer events this coming summer.

Many things are in the air and the summer is around the corner. We are not only going to be out showing our car. We are also going to represent different organizations while we are out. LP is one of them and we are going to take the message of a christian way to sobriety to the people. Our most important mission is of course to let people know that Jesus is alive and that there is hope for everyone.

Next week we are returning to Germany for 11 different events. Most of them are outside the four walls of the church and this is exciting. We start with a night at Cafe Kraft in Schaafheim, April 29th. The following day we are playing and sharing at Ride On’s 10 years anniversary in Nurnberg. May 1st we are going to be playing live music on the tractor trailer at the May 1st biker meet in Nurnberg for the fourth year in a row. May 5th we are doing another biker event in Eutin in north Germany and Feg Church in Göttingen is booked the following night. May 7th we are at Ansgar Kirche in Marburg and May 8th in Ansgar Kirche in Wetzlar.

Back to former east Germany

East Germany is a huge mission field and we are excited to return there. May 10th we are playing with our brothers from Klingenthal at restaurant Curry 31 in Treuen. It is the local church taking the church to the restaurant. May 11th we are visiting a church in Auerbach and May 12 it is time to bring the good news with some rock and roll to Specky’s Biker & Bier Keller in Grunbach. Friday May 13th is special. We are entering the rock club Ringkeller in Zwickau and we are guesting with a german southern rock band called ”Just Catfish”.

This is what we have been praying for. To be able to work together with the local churches and ministries and bring the church to the people. Now it is happening. I have seen it clearly before me during the last eight years in full time ministry. We have slowly taken step by step in His timing and now more doors are opening up.


We are also excited to announce that this summer we are going to spend much time in Sweden and most of the work is connected to the LP connection. As an ex. alcoholic and drug addict it is with a warm feeling in my heart that we are getting prepared to bring out the message of hope to the people at different events such as Big Power Meet in Västerås and the Nostalgic days in Vårgårda to name a few.

In a couple of days we are leaving for Germany and this is exciting. We can sure feel that God has prepared our way. Now it is our time to do our part and be tools in His hands. We believe this is something together and you who have followed us know that our last trip in the US was financial disaster. Since then we have not had any income at all. When we leave early Tuesday morning we are taking a huge step in faith, believing that we will have what we need to take us from Vasa, Finland to Schaafheim Germany.

Be part of this work

As we always say; We believe this is something we do together and YOU can be part of reaching souls, planting seeds and see a mighty harvest. Click here to see how you can support us.

We love you all!
God Bless!

Pontus & Sebastian Back

PJB Ministries

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Pontus is an associate ordained minister of
Fountain of Life Church in Okeechobee,
Florida, USA.

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