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LP day, Helsingborg

18 days on the road

Sisu Radio
Motorcycle Exhibition, Gothenburg
Motorcycle Exhibition, Gothenburg
Motorcycle Exhibition, Gothenburg
Motorcycle Exhibition, Gothenburg
Motorcycle Exhibition, Gothenburg
Motorcycle Exhibition, Gothenburg
Motorcycle Exhibition, Gothenburg
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Dear Friends,

Yesterday we returned from an 18 day long trip in Sweden and as I wrote last time this year started in a very power- and wonderful way. This continued in Sweden and we feel that our past decisions have been what God has called us to do as we have been really blessed. Most of all with a great presence of Jesus in our gatherings and meetings. We are living in times where we really need to lay aside our own priorities and look at what God wants us to do. One of these decisions we made a while back was to step down from the Ambassadors For Jesus Christ Motorcycle Ministry after being the founders and leaders in Europe since 2008. It was all done in peace and good standing so all those out there who think I was kicked out can be calm and relax. Today we are running the Ambassadors For Jesus Christ Hot Rod & Racing Team that is totally independent from the motorcycle ministry. Due to a long time relationship we have the rights to use the cross on our logo as in some countries we continue to work together. Even without leather vests and colors on our backs we ALL are Ambassadors For Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20) and this is something we take and do seriously.

Our trip in Sweden started in Tärnsjö with two meetings at the Betel Church. It was freezing cold out but inside we experienced the warm presence of Jesus and people were touched. Not by us, not by any other man but by the spirit of the Lord. To our encouragement we heard testimonies from people from our previous visits and it was with a rejoicing heart we left Tärnsjö for the west coast of Sweden after the second meeting on Sunday, January 17th

In Gothenburg we installed ourselves at brother Jukka Mäkikangas house where we stayed for the rest of our journey. Tuesday, January 19th we had our first meeting with Jukka and the band at Smyrnakyrkan in Gothenburg. It was great to play with the band again and we had a great time. Also those who came received something, not from us or any other man but from the spirit of the Lord.

During our time in Sweden we worked mostly with the LP connection that works with alcoholics and drug addicts. They have around 70 connections in Sweden where they hold meetings and have open doors for people in need. A fabulous work that was started in 1960’s by Pastor Lewi Pethrus. That is why it is called LP, named after him.

We also did one our live on air at Sisu Radio where we openly could talk about our vision, mission and share the mighty things about Jesus Christ. We played and shared at a youth night in Borås and in total we had eight meetings and we ended with four days at the motorcycle exhibition in Gothenburg together with Church on Wheels, the original biker church in Sweden.

For four days we were there together with our brothers and sisters from different christian motorcycle ministries and clubs and we had a great time. It was not what was written on the back of our clothing that united us, it was Jesus. We were there for one purpose, to show the people who Jesus is. We had many good talks with people and people stopped up and listened to our live music. It was not easy to sit there and play as that is being in the front line but TOGETHER we made it!

During our 18 days on the road we saw Jesus touch people. We saw people receive Jesus into their lives, we heard testimonies about salvation and healing taking place and we saw people receive new hope in their lives. This is what we do and what we are living for.

We have some meetings in Finland before we return to Sweden for two days end of February. From there we fly to USA for one month of ministry and this will be something totally different than before. Jesus said; GO OUT! This is what we do and we only have one church meeting in our schedule so far. Our mission is to be out where the people are and preach the original Gospel. We believe that when we do as the first apostles did we will also get what the first apostles got.

To do this we need YOUR help and we are in a current need of around $5000 to fullfil our mission for the next two months. Many things are going on and it is all about one thing; to reach the lost for Jesus. IF you decide to help, God bless you! The different way’s to donate are found here.

God Bless you all!

Pontus & Sebastian

PJB Ministries

AFJCMM Hot Rod- & Racing Team

Pontus is an associate ordained minister of
Fountain of Life Church in Okeechobee,
Florida, USA.

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