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ADAC, Leonberg

Africa - Västerås

Prison team in Waldheim
Youth weekend, Pockau
Youth weekend, Pockau
Stoffwechsel, Dresden
Uwe and Jessica in Dresden
Lutherkirche, Chemnitz
Lutherkirche, Chemnitz
ADAC, Leonberg
ADAC, Leonberg
ADAC, Leonberg
ADAC, Leonberg
ADAC, Leonberg
Leaving Germany for home
Leaving Germany for home
Ready for Zambia
Ready for Zambia
Fire Meet 2015
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Dear Friends,

Last time I wrote we were still in former DDR and we had done a wonderful tent revival meeting in Vielau. Right now I am writing from the Stockholm, Arlanda airport on my way out on the road again. We continued our trip in Germany and we visited the prison in Waldheim with a team of brothers and sisters who brought food and drinks to the inmates. We had a wonderful time in there but we could have stayed out of arguing with some of the muslims about what separates us. The Bible is clear, Jesus was NOT a prophet, Jesus is the Son of God that God sent because He loved the world (you and me) so much. Sometimes it can feel like being in a real battle field, but that is exactly what it is. What we do, when we go out and proclaim Jesus as the Messiah and that He is alive we will be attacked and we will be persecuted. I guess it is a good sign that we are doing what God wants us to do. The Bible is also very clear with that there are NO salvation, forgiveness of our sins or eternal life together with our creator without Jesus. So simple so even I could get it right :)

After Waldheim we drove back to Klingenthal, where we stayed most of our time. The people there took really good care of us. On Saturday and Sunday we were at a youth camp and I spoke a little bit on Saturday night. Sunday morning I delivered a message and I hope that it touched those young peoples hearts as it is not easy to be young today and I do not wish anyone to go through the same battles and nightmares I have gone through. I wonder what my life had been like if somebody had managed to explain the Gospel to me earlier in life so I could get it right. Most likely I would not be doing what I am doing today as the life I lived and the mess I created myself God took and made it to a message. My past together with what Jesus has done in my life is my talent and I will continue to share my life and His love as long as I live.

We returned to Klingenthal for some days off and it was really wonderful to have two of my children with me on this trip. On Wednesday night, June 10th we had a service at the church in Klingenthal where we stayed and it was our last night there. To be honest I got emotional. At the end of my message I all of a sudden remembered my brother and friend Ove "Tommy Tiger" Björk and the last time I saw him. I shared about his faith and how he had faith until the end and then moved home to Jesus with a smile on his face. I still miss him very much, especially now when it is summer and season for the racing cars, hot rods and old classic cars. We had so many visions and dreams we were going to do together. One thing is sure, me and Sebastian will keep that vision and those dreams alive and he will always live in our hearts.

From Klingenthal we drove to Dresden where we first checked in at our hotel. The same night we had a meeting at the Stoffwechsel Café. A ministry who welcomes the young adults who are in need. They do an awesome work for the Lord and so many lives are changed. Last time I was there was last September and there were some same faces as last time and it really encouraged me to see how much Jesus had done in their lives. One you man who received Christ in September was totally changed and he could breath again. Those kind of testimonies keeps me going and they give me strength and power to continue. We had another great night in Dresden and the following day before we left we visited Ambassadors For Jesus Christ Motorcycle Ministry Sachsen, Branch Leader Uwe. He does not speak english and I do not speak German but we had a great but short time together.

Our next stop was Chemnitz, former Karl Marx Stadt. On Saturday night we had a meeting at an old beautiful church, Lutherkirche. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the meeting even if the church was not packed. Still Jesus touched people and it was a great night. From there we drove to Schweinfurt, where we checked in at a hotel late at night and next morning Ambassadors For Jesus Christ Motorcycle Ministry, National President Markus Hammer picked me up at 6:20 AM. We drove to Leonberg outside Stuttgart where we had the church service at the ADAC Biker Treff together with EC MOT. It was a hot and beautiful morning and we had a great time. You can watch the entire meeting here.

From Leonberg we drove back to the hotel where I picked up Sebastian and Jessica and later the same night we checked in at a hotel in Rostock, it was our last night in Germany. We took the ferry from Rostock to Trelleborg, Sweden the following day and slept in Sweden one night. We made it home with the ferry from Stockholm to Turku on June 17th and then we had been out there for 24 days and thinking back at it right now it was worth every second of it. I can't wait to hear some testimonies coming up about what Jesus has done in peoples lives. That is what it is all about, it is all about Jesus!

Africa, a different world

I spent one week at home and had quite much to finish before this trip. As I said earlier I am right now sitting by the gate at the airport in Stockholm, Sweden waiting on boarding a flight to Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. From there I will fly to Ndola, Zambia and tomorrow Thursday, June 25th is the first night for the crusade with Pastor Tommy Lilja. I am excited about returning to Africa and I have been there some times by now and also this was something I never even could have dreamed about. These trips with Pastor Tommy are totally different than the trips when I am out on my own. Tens of thousands of people gathers every night and people get saved, healed, delivered and set free from all kinds of stuff. It is so powerful and I wish I could import some of that African mentality to our countries but it is hard. There they might have nothing but when they have Jesus, they have everything. We have everything so basically we think we can live a life without Jesus and that is something I would not recommend at all. One day we all are going to leave this earth and as earlier said; Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation, forgiveness of our sins and eternal life with our creator, our heavenly Father.

Big Power Meet

I am returning from Sweden, June 30th and Sebastian will take our Buick and drive to Stockholm and pick me up there. From there we go to Västerås and Power Meet. They call it Big Power Meet as it is the largest American Car Meet in the world. Around 20 000 cars and 100 000 people in the city of Västerås. What a great place to share the Gospel as most of the people are non believers. Some of the people are living far away from the Lord and ALL has the right to hear the truth. Thats why we will be there with the band from Gothenburg with Jukka Mäkikangas, Per Karlsson and Zet Tonmyr. We will be there and play live music in the middle of the mess and we will be there to serve the people. We are looking forward to good and interesting talks with people and I know that seeds will be planted. This is quite a big thing for us and I hope we can do this together. We are still in need of around 1500 euros to be able to pay for everything, including travels, merchandise we give away etc... YOU can be part of this. Check out the details about supporting this here.

Many things are going on and everything is costing money. A new DVD is going to be released in September and the new album in November. Check out how to support these projects in the navigation bar to the right. Lets keep doing this together and I promise you; together we will make a difference. More later!

Love You All!


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