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Dear Friends,

It has been a long time since I wrote. After I returned from Germany I have mostly been home recovering from the last missions trip and getting some more energy for this one. Have had a wonderful time at home with my family. Of course there has also been work to do as we are doing more Life in Him TV programs all the time as we are now also broadcasting at Heaven TV7 Sweden.

Last Saturday me, my daugther Jennifer and her boyfriend Samu left home and around 20 hours later we arrived at the airport in Houston, Texas. It was not hard to go to bed that night as we had been up for over 24 hours. The following day was an early morning and we drove to Cleveland, Texas where one of the Ambassadors For Jesus Christ MM have a Biker Church at the American Legion. We had a great morning service and it was nice to meet some of the brothers from over here again.

The following night we visited 1000 Hills ministries and ministered to some of the homeless people in Houston. I shared my testimony and brother Cele who is hosting us while we are here did an altar call and a handful of people came up and received Jesus Christ into their lives. These moments are what keeps me going as salvation is the greatest miracle of them all.

On Wednesday we left brother Celes house and picked up my old friend and brother Garry Nutt from the airport in Houston. We had something to eat together before we went to Praise Chapel Church with Pastor Roy Love in Webster, TX and ministered there. It was a great feeling to see and play with Garry again. We met back in 2005 when we played together in the band Skinny Molly that I founded with Mike Estes, formerly of Lynyrd Skynyrd back in the days. It was when Dave Hlubek left the band to go back to his old band Molly Hatchet Garry came in on bass and I changed the bass to the guitar. Since then we have had contact with eachother. Today we play together for a different reason and we both have a message and a story to tell. It is just wonderful to serve the Lord. After the meeting in Webster we drove to Galveston where we checked in at the hotel we are staying at right now.

Yesterday was the first day of the Lone Star Rally 2014 and the weather was not really good but at least it was not raining. Me and Garry played at the Ambassadors For Jesus Christ stand in the middle of Galveston and we had some good talks with some people and people stopped up and listened to the music.

Today, Friday November 7th is the first day for the Music For The Soul stage and not only that. It is also the first time for the Music For The Soul to provide a christian music stage together with the Ambassadors For Jesus Christ MM and other ministries duringt the Lone Star rally. I am looking forward to play with the full band as well as sit in with the Full Throttle Band from California.

Fundraising & Needs

Before this trip we set up a fundrasing page at Indiegogo and our goal was to raise 6000 US dollars before this trip to cover the six week long missions trip. So far we have received 50 US dollars in donations through that page but God has taken care of us in a mighty way. Where ever we go, we do not ask for money. What we do we do for the Lord and for His Kingdom. We are still in need of donations so if YOU feel led to give a donation to Mission America 2014 check the donation details on the right side navigation bar on this page. As always God loves a cheerful giver but most important of all is if you all could remember us in your prayers as they are needed. I am excited and I know this will be a blessed trip. More updates later.

Love you all!
God Bless!

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