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Daytona Bike Week, Blues Hall of Fame induction

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Daytona Bike Week
Daytona Bike Week
Daytona Bike Week, Blues Hall of Fame induction
Daytona Bike Week, Blues Hall of Fame induction
Daytona Bike Week, Blues Hall of Fame induction
Daytona Bike Week, Blues Hall of Fame induction
Daytona Bike Week,
Daytona Bike Week,
Daytona Bike Week,
Daytona Bike Week,
Okeechobee, Florida
Okeechobee, Florida
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Dear Friends,

Greetings from Okeechobee, Florida. Me and Sebastian have now been on the road since March 5th when we left Vasa for a weekend in Germany. Friday March 6th we had a wonderful night at Café Kraft in Schaafheim. It was a smaller facility and it was packed to the limit. Most of the people who came were non believers and they received a message of redemption, faith and hope. God was present all night and we have afterwards heard reports of people who have come further towards the Kingdom of God. We had a wonderful time together with Brother Thomas Draxler and his family.

From Schaafheim we drove to Bad Hersfeld where we stayed for one night. Saturday night we visited the festival "Full Metal Osthessed". It was a secular heavy metal festival and actually I was laughing after we left the place that night as I walked in with my cowboy hat and my acoustic guitar and sang Amazing Grace to a complete metal audience where many of the people could have been taken out of the movie Spinal Tap. The following day we had church service at the same location and we had a great service and people received faith. I realize more and more that my "miracle story" has an impact on people and the best of all is that it has nothing to do with me.

Daytona Bike Week 2015

Monday, March 9th we flew from Frankfurt, Germany to Orlando, Florida and we actually had a long and boring flight. The flight time was 10,5 hours and after sitting that long in an airplane you just want to get out and do something else. My Pastors, Dave and Linda Robertson met us up at the Orlando airport as they came to deliver the ministry van to me and we had a short but wonderful time of fellowship over a little bit of food in Orlando before we headed towards Daytona Beach and Bike Week 2015.

Tuesday, March 10th was our first day at Bike Week and we did two sets of music at the Music For The Soul stage together with Mark Mason, Scott Hazen, Harley Lameroux and Bruce Fry. Of course both me and Sebastian were a little bit tired after the long flight and the time change dit what it usually does. For five days we played at the Music For The Soul stage and we were part of a blessed and wonderful ministry that takes the good news to some of the darker places on this earth. I have talked to so many Christians during the days, before and after and they can not understand that we are going to these places but I really feel that we need to go to these places as the people here are lost and they are in need of a Lord and a Savior and we know that the only one who can save them is Jesus Christ.

One thing that I never could have expected was the day when Brother Don Overbey came up on stage and inducted me into the Blues Hall of Fame together with guitarist Mark Mason, from Richmond, Virgina. What an honor and privilege.

Musically it was great. Loved playing with all the musicians and I had a great time. Often we do not see the fruit right away at events like this but some one has to plant the seeds as well and that is what we have been doing. Thank you Don and Rhea Overbey for another rally together and for your faithful heart to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Back in Okeechobee

Sunday we left Daytona Beach and we did a quick stop in New Smyrna Beach when we hooked up with some more wonderful people. From there we drove here to Okeechobee, Florida and now we have had two days off. We have been able to rest and settle down and it has been good to have some quite time after almost one week with hundreds of thousands of bikes all over the place. We have been promoting the event that is coming up this weekend; Music in the Park. Together with my home church, Fountain of Life Church we are going to have live music in the park downtown Okeechobee, Saturday 21st from 3PM to 7PM and Sunday morning we have Rockin´Sunday at church.

The rest of our stay here we will base out of our "home" here in "Chobee" and we are going to minister at Teen Challenge as well as some alcohol- & drug rehabilitation programs. As usual we have spent way more money than what has come in. Bike Week is an expensive party but when you see and hear about what the Lord has done you can not put a price on one persons salvation. We are currently in need of donations to keep going so if you like to help us out preach the Gospel here in the US you can click HERE to make a donation.

Rest of the year will be busy and for the first time I have had to say no to several invitations and it feels a little bit hard. I wish I could do more but I can only do what I can do and I also need to be with my family. Therefore it has been a blessing to have some of my children with me on these trips and this summer we are going to travel with the family as well and combine family holiday with ministry. I do not consider this as a job so therefore I do not really need a holiday. I might need a day off now and then. Other than that, this is life and I enjoy being alive, serving the Lord.

Check the calendar for further informations about upcoming dates.

God Bless you all!


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Florida, USA.

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